foreign exchange rate boards

Electronic Foreign Exchange & Interest Rate Boards

Keep your customers continuously informed with our specialised Exchange or Interest Rate Boards.

Our financial Forex Boards are highly visible and are commonly used to display financial or statistical information. These Exchange Rate Boards are employed by major financial and commercial institutions all over the world, to deliver the numbers on time, all the time. They can also be used in environments such as Fast Food Outlets & Café.


Our standard LED Forex Exchange Rate Board Control Software enables powerful and intuitive control of your display, and our Rate boards can even be dynamically linked to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or SQL Data Stores for automatic and unattended updates.

exchange rate board

Core Features of our Exchange Rate Boards:

Flexible Design – Standard Sizes include from 1 to 4 columns and 12 to 24 rows, but the display can be manufactured with any number of rows or columns for data and can display most characters.

Easy to Read - 20mm character height and bright displays that really stand out.

Logo’s and Graphics – We can customise the LED exchange rate screen with your corporate identity - colours and logo, or we can create a fully bespoke screen within a custom made casing

Moving Message Alphanumeric Display – This is a 16 or 24 character, single line, 30mm character height display, added to the rate-board giving it the ability to display Text Messages in addition to the numerical information. The Moving Message Alphanumeric Display has all the

functionality of a Standard PolyComp Alphanumeric Display for general messages/promotions.

Optional Time and Date Display – We can manufacture the sign to include any number of 45mm high 7-digit clocks (for different time zones, for example), or, if present, the Alphanumeric display may be used.

Easy Operation – Manage your data easily with our intuitive software. If you need to integrate with an existing system, we provide a complete protocol specification with which to control the display.

Speed – Our currency boards are quickly & easily updated.

High-quality Enclosure – Robust and environment-resistant, manufactured from high-strength polymers and lightweight aluminium extrusions, powder coated for durability and pleasing aesthetic design.

Common Applications:


Bureau de Change


Hotel Receptions

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