Manufacturing and Safety displays / Electronic Signage for Mines and Factories


Electronic Safety Displays

With a PolyComp Electronic Safety signs workers can be kept informed of safety statistics and goals at mines. Our Safety Displays creates a daily reminder and improves awareness. These electronic displays are designed and manufactured to high standards, they are robust and weather proof.

Manufacture LED Display

Key Features:

  • Keep workers aware of safety statistics and goals
  • Highly visible day and nights
  • Easily programmed with our in house software
  • Robust design for harsh South African weather Conditions.

These displays have been a stable mate for many mines across the country for many years and have become our speciality. Custom designed to suit your requirements. Our technicians are on stand-by to repair any electronics that might fail from wear or  vandalism though these displays are as vandal proof as possible.

Electronic Production Displays

Keep visual track of your Production and Efficiency totals with PolyComp's intelligent Production Displays (Electronic Production Signs)

Crucial Information at a Glance on your Electronic Production Sign:

Our Electronic Production displays give highly visual indication of assembly line or plant production flow and efficiency.

Usually coupled with existing assembly line PLC's or Incrementer Contact Hardware, the electronic display will indicate targets and the current actual values, automatically calculating efficiency percentages and displaying them.

Progressive or Fixed Targets

The electronic production display can utilise a fixed target or a progressive target to calculate current efficiency.

A progressive target is used when production of a unit or batch has to be completed within a certain time that is considered efficient - the display will automatically increment the target when this time period lapses. The time period and increment can be configured via a keypad or PC software.

Actual Totals and Efficiencies

Counting of actual production figures, can automatically performed using any type of magnetic or optical sensors, or manually via a push-button contact. Totals can be reset automatically at preset times, by using a Keyboard, or by the control software running on a PC. These running production totals are tallied against the above fixed or progressive target to calculate an efficiency figure, which can displayed with a suitable colour depending on the value.

Countdown Timers

The LED Display can integrate a configurable countdown/count-up timer that can be started, stopped and reset using our Production software. These timers are often invaluable in managing shift production.

Complete Management Flexibility

Our custom production software (developed for our standard production display) gives you the ability to configure multiple signs, with up to four shift periods per shift, three shifts a day, seven days a week.

The Software can also communicate with the display to retrieve current target and progressive values, or timer values, and will save the figures to a CSV (comma-separated value) file, for easy import into existing data management systems.

Ideal For:

  • Mines
  • Factories
  • Assembly Lines
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Chemical Plants

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