Slim Design Indoor LED Screens

Ideal for Indoor events!

Need to display some eyecatching adverts, video’s & graphics at the next exhibition, conference? Perhaps shopping centre isles & reception areas need something new?

Do you want to advertise shop information & specials in the isles of your shopping centre for patrons to see?

Tired of replacing printed posters and banners all the time at high cost?

If your answer is yes to any of the above we have a great new LED Screen product to get your creative juices flowing for your ad campaign.

Our high resolution 2m high x 1.2m wide Indoor LED Screens come enclosed in a stylish slim design stand.

You can display animated adverts, video and images in a number of industry standard formats.

These displays have multiple functions and can be used as a queue management system too. Help shorten queue waiting times by displaying advertisements or even live TV. Keep people informed of the latest news developments as well as financial indicators.

slim indoor led screen

These Indoor LED Screens have the following key features:

  • Enclosure is on wheels, so cart your ideas to wherever you like.
  • Slim enclosure ensures practicality and minimal use of floor space.
  • Communicate with the display via network or via GSM modem.
  • Robust design ensures longevity.
  • Various video formats supported as well as live feeds.
  • Brand your display
  • Get a Digiskin for your display, any artwork can be digitally printed and wrapped over your display to give it a unique look.