VMS Trailer
VMS trailer

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Message Signs are used mostly on highways but also at mines and other industries to display various messages to passersby.

Instant updates can be made for when there are hazards ahead such as accidents, lane closures, road works etc.

PolyComp has solar powered mobile VMS trailer that can be towed to wherever needed as well as fixed displays mounted over highways.

High quality materials are used to ensure the long life of your display under harsh weather conditions come rain or shine.

Display text messages, graphics as well as other information such as date, time and temperature and general news feeds and messages to keep motorists informed.

High Bright Amber LED's are the standard for these applications but you may request any other available colour if required.


Our VMS are used in these instances:

  • Keep Motorists Informed on any Traffic Issues.
  • Mines and Heavy Industry use these displays to keep drivers informed of any hazards & speed limits.
  • Temporary road works use the mobile option to display detours, speed limits and hazards.
  • Arrow / Cross Displays are used at tollgates and over highways to display lane closures.
  • Entrances to Complexes such as University Campus Grounds to direct traffic to the correct lanes.

Ease of use:

Our LED VMS Signs are very easy to use, we offer standard operating software for the display that gets loaded on your pc or we can develop specific software for your application. You can then communicate with the sign through your local LAN network, GSM or Radio Link.

Cheaper alternative communication options are also available such as Infra Red keyboard operation, remote control operation but these have their limitations such as range and functionality limitations.